The role of government in birth control: economic and moral dimensions


Time: 8:00-11:00 A.M, 23rd June 2012

Place: The Hall on third floor, 53rd Nguyen Du Street

Participants: F-group members, Tri Thuc Publishing House Representatives, Students

Guest Speaker: Professor Ken Schoolland


F-group is a non-profit association of young fellows from different fields such as research, business, media, universities… with the common interest in values of free-market, knowledge and self-ownership.  The long-term vision of F-group is to boost the free-market and ideas on freedom in Vietnam. The main activities of F-group now focus on the academic seminars covering a wide range of issues from traffic policy, merging and acquisition to the art of logic and debate…We usually invite guess speakers from academic centers to join the seminar and contribute new ideas- which can expand the knowledge and strengthening the friendship among scholars from many fields.



No Time Name
1 8:00-8:15 Moderator’s introduction to background of the topic
2 8:15-9:00 Mr Ken Schoolland’s presentation to freedom and self-ownership and its implication on birth policy
3 9:00-9:30 Linh, Hung, Nham, Thuy  discuss  on the topic
4 9:30-10:00 Discussion of all members
5 10:00-10:10 Tea Break
6 10:10-11:00 Discussion of all members and Conclusion